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Here Are the 7 Best Santa Barbara Surfing Spots

Do you love the feeling of the rush you get when you catch that perfect wave and ride it into shore? Then you need to surf in Santa Barbara. Surfing has been a cornerstone of Santa Barbara since long before it was a world-recognized sport. Now, it’s as popular as ever, and the area is home to an array of epic surf breaks. We’ve outlined the best Santa Barbara surfing spots for you. Check them out!

Surfs up at These Santa Barbara Surfing Spots

We’ve outlined the best Santa Barbara surfing spots and beaches for you. Cowabunga, dude!

1. Rincon Point

Just off of Highway 101, you’ll find Rincon Point, also known as “the Queen of the Coast.” With no food stands or souvenir shops, this is truly an authentic California surfing site. Surfers from all over visit this site to surf the breaks, including professional surfer, Kelly Slater.

2. Leadbetter Point

This breaking point yields mellow and consistent waves throughout the year, making it a popular site for novice surfers, standup paddlers, and longboarders. In the winter, Leadbetter Point picks up west swells, making for slightly more exciting waves. Overall though, it’s a fun and easygoing surf spot.

3. Campus Point

The surf at Campus Point picks up significantly around September and continues to get better as the winter swells rise. Average wave peaks range from two to four feet, but have come in at as high as 15 feet!

4. Hammond Point

Slightly north of San Ysidro Road, you’ll find the powerful Hammond Point. This point break has been a favorite of local surfers in the Santa Barbara area for years. Be sure to visit during medium tide for the best waves possible.

5. Channel Islands

At the Channel Islands, there are a plethora of little-known surf spots. Exposed breaks, swift currents, and rocky reefs can make surfing at these locations dangerous, so we suggest that only expert level surfers tackle these waves. As a rule of thumb, the north shore islands are best for surfing during the northwest swells of winter and spring, and the south shore islands are best during the south swells of summer and fall.

6. Jalama Beach Park

If you head north of Point of Conception and stray a bit from the beaten path, you’ll find Jalama Beach Park. It’s exposure to high wind conditions and reef breaks, cause dramatic conditions and powerful waves.

7. El Capitan State Beach

Notoriously known as one of the best point breaks in California is El Capitan State Beach. It produces hollow waves, which make for awesome tube rides. Its sandy beaches also make it an ideal spot for picnicking and sunbathing.

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