Fireworks at Semana Nautica Santa Barbara

What You Need to Know About Semana Nautica Santa Barbara

Calling all swimmers, volleyball players, sports enthusiasts, and master spectators! It is almost time for Semana Nautica Santa Barbara! Over a million people have flocked to this ultimate Southern California sports festival since its inception. Whether you are searching for a family-friendly outing, a playful date, or the perfect parade to celebrate Independence Day, you will find it here! If you haven’t already, it’s time that you marked your calendar for summer 2018!

The Origins

Semana Nautica dates back to 1933. One sunny day on the beautiful shores of Santa Barbara, the local populace challenged a crew of five U.S. Navy battleships to a series of beach challenges. Waves crashing, people laughing, little did the locals know that they begun what is now one of Southern California’s most cherished annual traditions.

The Sports

The sporting events at Semana Nautica are extensive. Biking, swimming, running, walking, kayaking, volleyball, and tennis are all popular events. Most sports categories offer a variety of challenges that are separated into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories. No matter your age or endurance level, there is something for you at this event! Check the 2018 festival schedule to find and register for your perfect sporting fit!

More Things to Expect

In addition to almost two weeks of sporting events, Semana Nautica Santa Barbara celebrates the artwork of local artists. The Santa Barbara Art Association organizes this special competition for local artists. Visitors view one-of-a-kind artwork at the Semana Nautica Art Show and artists compete for a grand prize! Another huge source of joy at Semana Nautica is the Santa Barbara Independence Day Parade! This 4th of July beachfront celebration offers food, music, fireworks, and family-fun for all ages!  

Helpful Information

Register in advance if you plan to participate in any of the 2018 sporting events. Prices per event vary, but all events are free for fans and spectators. Semana Nautica Santa Barbara 2018 is scheduled from June 28 through July 8. A lineup of individual events will be posted this spring.

Where to Stay

When you stay at the Cheshire Cat Inn, a European breakfast with locally sourced coffee will give you the fuel you need to power through Semana Nautica Santa Barbara! You will also enjoy a well-deserved social hour with complimentary wine from Santa Barbara Winery and the perfect evening hors d’oeuvres after a  long day of fun in the sun!

The White Rabbit Balcony Room is the perfect accommodation after a long day exploring the beaches of Santa Barbara. This accommodation enjoys a secluded deck overlooking our English gardens and the Santa Ynez mountains. Relaxing as you watch a Santa Barbara sunset on this private deck is the perfect way to unwind at the end of your adventurous day.


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